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"Elsa has been guiding us before, during and after the delivery. Upon returning home, her presence, support and knowledges have been priceless. Not only did we gain in confidence, but we also learnt on the accurate gestures such as giving a bath or doing the first baby cares.
For a first baby and being far from home, parents may feel clueless when hearing their new-born's cries. Elsa was able to help us understanding  them and address our baby's primary needs.
Being guided by someone who is already a Mum and has hudge experience as a medical professional, is comforting and reassuring. Elsa is particularly pleasant and mindful.."
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"Elsa has been very helpful for a reassuring delivery preparation during the pregnancy. She supported us and helped us to start our new parent's life in a very peaceful way. 
On top of being amazingly sweet and great listener, her medical background and her personal experience of having babies as an expatriate mother in Singapore are for us a key asset.
As new parents, we have faced our own worries and misunderstanding of our new born. Elsa helped us to handle those situations with so much care and availability."
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"Elsa has been a great support and a source of knowledges when our adoptive daughter arrived. We only had one week to prepare her arrival and I had so many questions and doubts which she helped answer.
Knowing that you can count on a professional by whatsApp or phone at any time of the day is fantastic when you are a new mother."


+65 8401 2027

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