Elsa Rousseau-Mourad

I am a French woman, living in Singapore for the past nine years, and a mother of two children.

I started my carreer as a Registered ICU Nurse at the American Hospital of Paris. I have then continued my activity as a Health professional in New-York, London and Singapore. In Singapore, I have worked for five years for International SOS and was in charge of medical evacuations in Asia-Pacific. Hence, I have a very good understanding of the health system in Singapore as well as an extended network of health professionals in various specialities. 

Having experiences in the birth process both as a professional and as an expatriate woman in this country made me realise its specificity and the needs that pregnant women, new parents and adoptant parents can face. That's why I decided to specialise as a pregnancy, birth and post-partum consultant in Singapore, in order to create private classes to better support the future parents' needs and accompany them through the birth, adoption and post partum journey.

Supporting future parents and babies through this amazing life's changes is such a reward.



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