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My philosophy is that you better face challenges and life’s changes when you are the most prepared in educating and questioning yourself.

The service that I offer, is to come in your home, your very own environment with its cultural specificities and provide you private classes.

All of the following content shows the different topics that I will cover during my classes. It will be discussed with you and can be implemented or more detailed further, as you wish.

This includes on-call / whatsapp availability during daytime.

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Session 1

-The anatomical and physiological changes during the third trimester
-The process of birth, the different stages of delivery.
-The signs of labor and sign of emergency
-How to manage the contraction’s intensity with positions and breathing

Session 3

-What you need to buy for your baby.
-Preparation of the hospital’s luggage for the mother and baby
-How the baby feeds: the process of lactation, breast feeding position. Bottle feeding.
-The baby’s sleep
-the physiological and anatomical changes for a mother the first few days after delivery.

Session 2

-The different birth scenarios
-The first baby’s hours
- The baby and mother in the hospital
- Skin to skin, breast feeding introduction/ formula introduction

Session 4

-Birth’s plan elaboration with parents
-Refresher on labor’s position
-The possible changes in life and couple after baby’s arrival. Open discussion
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Session 1

-Debriefing with parents on delivery
-How to hold my baby
- Baby's cares and hygiene
-Baby's feeding:
  Breastfeeding: refresher on lactation process, breastfeeding positions, breast's care.
  Bottle feeding: how to feed the baby

Session 2

-Debrief on parental and baby's adaptation with the new life's routine
-The jaundice
-Baby's needs during the first few weeks of life
- Mother and baby exams after delivery in the first few weeks

Session 3

-How to introduce the baby to a day and night routine
-Fever management and most common disease the first few months
-How to interpret signs of discomfort
-Open questions to parents
SINGLE COURSE (from conception to toddlers)
 1 single session
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Single session: 

SG healthcare system

-What are the differences between public and private system?
-How to choose my Ob/Gyn?
-How to choose my pediatrician
-Delivery fees in Singapore: what to expect?
-IVF, what are the options and cost?
-What kind of insurance coverage should I take?

Single session:

Refresher for second time Mum

- Refresher on labor signs and how to manage contractions intensity
-Refresher on the labor's positions
-How to build up my Birth plan
-Refresher on the post-partum period
-Refresher on breastfeeding

Single session:

Minor injury, first aid kit and travel kit

-Minor injury management before going to the pediatrician: bump, lump, fever, fall
-Emergency room in SG: how does it work?
-Travelling in the region with a baby
-First aid kit
-Travel kit 




4 Sessions of 2 hours each

before birth

3 Visits post-partum



3 Visit post-partum

of 2 hours each

lactation support and guidance

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